CCSI Construction, LLCCCSI Construction, LLC


At CCSI we are composed of a team of experienced professionals originally from the real estate management and development world. The company got its start in the early 1980’s when we were asked by business associates to perform some construction work in their commercial office space. They knew that they needed help. They were looking for a reliable builder, and knew that, as a team from the real estate industry, we would know what was needed and the best way to put it in place.

Starting out, we took on a few small construction projects. Every time we were asked to do a job, it seemed like we got two more from others in the industry who had heard about our work. So in 1984, we decided to form a small construction company.

After years of gaining momentum, experience, and many more clients through word of mouth, we broke out in 2004 as CCSI Construction, LLC. CCSI has since been establishing itself as one of the Washington, DC area’s premier construction companies, successfully completing projects throughout the DC metropolitan area of many types and sizes.